Mano's work is anchored
between creativity and activation.


We help bridge the gap between these two worlds to uplift the return on the creative investment, providing clients with qualified, insight based assurances on their strategic campaign direction.

We place activation and strategy at the heart of the campaign process to ensure stronger synergies and compatibility between creative and go-to-market strategies. We consult clients on how to best manage and orchestrate their campaigns to ensure a truly integrated approach across disciplines and agencies, resulting in a increased return on investment.


Capturing the
market for attention

Too often ambitious branding initiatives are launched without a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Our Brand Relevance Program was created to address this problem through a conversation centric approach that enables brand teams and agencies to identify and qualify high potential insights and communication territories.


From idea to market

We are an end to end partner, helping clients develop and execute ambitious campaign ideas by guiding them through each stage of the process, from idea through to activation strategy, launch and evaluation.

Our Orchestration Stage-Gate model is based on extensive media industry experience that has shaped some of the biggest campaign initiatives of the last ten years, including Volvo’s Epic Split and WFP’s 805 Million Names.


Brands we work with


Agencies we work with