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Mano was the lead orchestration partner for Uber’s first ever pan-Asian brand campaign.

The project generated positive awareness around the brand’s car sharing service in 7 metropolitan cities. We worked closely with creative agency Forsman & Bodenfors, who developed the insight and creative. Mano’s role was to develop local insights and activation concepts to drive local market buy-in and secure consumer relevance on market level.


Client: Uber
Creative: Forsman Bodenfors


A human connection to the issue of parking/traffic was needed for consumers to relate to the campaign by realising the impact this had on their everyday lives.

Based on conversation mapping, we found that the market for attention related to the topic of parking/traffic was limited.

Local market buy-in was a challenge because the creative approach was to build one hero film for use across 7 very different markets. In Vietnam they drive mopeds not cars, in Singapore traffic is not the problem, parking is. So there was a need to identify unique local insights that would show topic relevance at a market level, and in so doing drive local buy-in.



Unite 7 markets around one campaign narrative using unique local insights.

Understanding the importance of local market nuance was crucial to uniting the 7 markets around the campaign. Together with the creative agency, Mano developed an insight study using over 9,000 respondents across key markets, revealing unique local insights that would enable the individual markets to see the potential and build relevant communication for their territory.

Extend the footprint of the campaign through strategic activation approaches. Mano created an activation approach that could apply to each of the 7 markets, including ways for the markets to leverage the specific insights provided.



The campaign was the first successful pan-Asian campaign Uber had ever launched - where 7 individual markets came together around a common creative concept.

  • Created launch and campaign protocol that fostered a collaborative approach

  • 34% decrease in negative sentiment for Uber during the campaign

  • Coverage in over 500 articles across multiple media outlets

  • Over $31m generated in earned media, with 115m views and 1.6m engagements



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