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Killer Skin

Creating a Super Bowl spot is the ultimate expression of a brand’s aptitude to manage pressure and risk on a global stage.

Adding a third component of appealing to women at a typically male dominated event, the results of Olay’s first foray into Super Bowl are quite astounding, ranking top 10 in mentions and gaining recognition as one of the leading brands speaking to women at the event. Credit to Saatchi & Saatchi for the creative idea and direction.


Client: Olay
Creative: Saatchi & Saatchi


As a Super Bowl first timer, Olay needed to understand the competitive landscape and consumers behavior surrounding the big game.

The campaign targeted an under-represented audience, women, who make up 48% of Super Bowl viewers, but are often neglected or stereotyped in advertising. 



By using historical Super Bowl data on brand and user behaviour, Mano created a go-to-market roadmap that identified when and how to engage consumers during the hyper competitive 6 week period.

The research informed a Super Bowl narrative to build anticipation, launch and extend consumer engagement. Through conversational mapping Mano developed activation principles to guide brand engagement and identified opportunities in each phase of the campaign for Olay to activate its content.:



Olay was named as one of the leading brands speaking to women at the Super Bowl.

Ranked no.1 on Merkle based on effective use of social media, paid search, SEO, and digital media during the Super Bowl period

  • Top 10 performers based on mentions, from launch to game day based on our campaign tracking

Olay set a new standard for how to communicate a non-explicit female to a mixed gender audience