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Mano developed a new strategic approach for IKEA to provide local markets with “plug and play” solutions for global product launches.

Our approach was to create relevant, local touchpoints for markets to tap into with campaigns, ensuring a thread of consistency with local teams. With the new strategy in place, key launches would be given the proper attention on a global stage but also create a new reference point for consumer relevance. We piloted this new approach with the launch of SAMMANHANG, a range of products designed to store people’s most prized collections.


Client: IKEA
Creative: IKEA Creative Hub


A siloed marketing approach.

With over 2,000 product launches a year across 52 markets, too many campaign initiatives were simply not breaking through the noise due to clutter and target audience/creative mismatch.

Lack of local market relevance. The creative for the campaign was developed without a strategy that could be adopted locally. This resulted in local markets not prioritising global initiatives above their own marketing calendars.

The campaign was missing a relatable entry point. The product range and content drew upon the topic of collecting using four key collector profiles (minimalist, autobiographical, creative and niche), but we needed to expand upon the original assets to find a convincing, relatable entry point for consumers.



We found a niche within the topic.

We conducted conversation mapping around the topic of collecting to identify key opportunities and barriers that would inform our activation approach. This process helped us uncover the theme of “nostalgia” within collecting, which provided huge opportunity for shareability and personal consumer engagement.

We united markets with common insights. We commissioned an 8-market insight study using over 5,000 respondents. This provided us with synergies between markets and usable nuggets to use for activation.

We designed a “plug + play” activation strategy. Using the insights, we designed an activation approach that could easily be adopted by local markets, with insights that could encourage wider sharing and engagement.

We recruited relevant influencers based on key conversations. The influencers were commissioned to create original, personal content reflecting upon the personal aspects and motivations for their collections. The selection of influencers and chosen conversations were informed by the nostalgic theme we identified earlier in the process.



Mano successfully planned and executed a social engagement campaign using influencers to launch SAMMANHANG across 7 markets in Europe and North America.

The activations that we co-created with influencers achieved 8X more consumer engagement than the industry benchmark, and one activation was nominated as Campaign of The Year at Danish Award Show Guldtuben.

Our insight study and activation approach helped IKEA drive local market buy-in and engagement, which set a new standard for collaboration and inter-team-work. The approach also helped IKEA Global Hub set a new reference point for building local market relevance.: